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Toy Soldier Collector BattleBoards

Michael Cross chats to Jim Clouse about his latest venture, BattleBoards, a specialist scenery company based in the USA

What’s in a name? Sometimes everything. In the case of BattleBoards I would have to say that it is everything… and more.


Nothing quite stirs up the imagination or brings on that immediate, intense rush of adrenalin as the word battle does. It instantly conjures images of life or death struggle, man pitched against man in a desperate fight for survival, with the insatiable glory of victory as its reward; be it shields and swords, muskets and grapeshot, the earth shaking fury of pounding hooves and the rattle of razor sharp sabers, or the heavy, relentless metallic drone of a Panzer division as it grinds its way across the landscape, the concept of battle is born and bred into every military hobbyist or collector.


As a collector (and on a far less visceral level of course) the word boards is understood as the staging ground for our miniature dreams. The tangible foundation on which our collections of massed armies are displayed and allowed to fight out the imaginary battles that we long to experience on some realistic (but far from the actual field) level. Boards fit on a table, slide conveniently onto a shelf, and depending on size and interest can even be the cause of an extensive renovation project in our homes to accommodate our collections (think toy room – the ultimate ‘man cave’). Boards can offer us any size, surface, terrain or any period of interest that we desire.

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