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Toy Soldier Collector The latest news from the global toy soldier hobby July 2013
The latest news from the global toy soldier hobby
July 2013

The latest news from the global toy soldier hobby
Large or small

When I was at the last show in London I was tackled by the Whites (the father and son duo that own and operate Scarlet and Gold) about why we don't feature more of their work. I was a little surprised by this, mainly because we have featured their work a number of times before. However that said we don't feature S&G as much as many other makers for one reason, size.

For those of you that don't know S&G figures are 40mm rather than our hobbies preferred 54-60mm. Personally I don't have an issue with 40mm figures although we don't usually 'review' them as it wouldn't be fair for me to start comparing the sculpting on these figures to the more standard sized figures as no matter how good the sculptor the detailing will never be as good. So my question is this, what is our readers view (in other words you reading this), would you like more reviews of smaller scale figures or would you prefer I just briefly mention S&G (and any other smaller scale makers) in here in the new section? Please write in and let me know.

And for more information on the S&G range, including the new sets shown here, go to: homepage.ntlworld.com/glenn.turner/ or call 01252 622604.

MG_3573 & 5) The latest 40mm scale releases from Scarlet & Gold


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