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Toy Soldier Collector Painted Metal Review July 2013
Painted Metal Review
July 2013
Reviews of new metal figures to arrive in the hobby by Mark Avery

Soviet ISU-152

Clive Gande, the oner of Figarti's UK distributor Grey Goose Collectibles, had this rather unusual tank model taking pride of place on his table at the June show. To be honest when it comes to tanks I'm so used to seeing the same ones (Tiger, Sherman, T34 etc.) done over and over again in slightly different guises, that I almost missed this much more unusual, and certainly more interesting, little model.

Nicknamed the 'Zveroby' or 'Animal Killer' by Soviet tank crews, the ISU-152 with its 95 lb. shell was one of the few Russian tanks capable of blowing apart Panthers, Tigers and Elefants, so no surprise it was popular with the soldiers of the Soviet army as it actually gave them a fighting chance as Hitler's armour began to roll eastwards. The Figarti model is well detailed, as you would expect from a company that has built its reputation of machinery rather than figures in recent years. Although that said the tank comes with a well detailed Russian soldier in full winter gear (including skis), which personally I feel looks a little odd positioned beside the tank but could be a useful figure elsewhere in a wintery diorama setting.

Priced at £210/$249 its reasonable value for money, especially when you consider it's a limited edition, and it would certainly add something a little different to a tank based scene. In fact having the ISU-152 combined with a destroyed Tiger could make a very interesting little vignette, especially if you mix in a few of the skiers and some Waffen SS in winter gear! Overall a well produced yet unusual piece of armour, and I'd personally like congratulate Figarti on starting to do the more unusual items from WWII for us.

Figarti Miniatures
Building 1, No. 268
Gao Guang Lu
Shaghai 201702

Tel: +86 21 3981 3383

In the UK:

Grey Goose Collectables Ltd
Sparrow Wycke Farm
Maldon Road

Tel: 01621 743815


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