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Toy Soldier Collector Two Into One Does Go! - TSC 54 October 2013
Two Into One Does Go! - TSC 54
October 2013
Working With Two Part Modelling Putties

What Is This Stuff?

There are two kinds of ‘putty’ used for modelling, neither of which are actually putty in the original glazer’s sense. The kind of putty modellers use is more like modelling clay. The problems with clays are shrinkage, baking, and some, like Plasticine, don’t go hard at all. Don’t mistake tubes of air-drying ‘modeller’s putty’ for modelling putty either. This is for filling cracks and blemishes in model kits, not for creating new model figures.

Two-part epoxy putties are cold setting, non-shrinking, self-hardening once mixed, strong, durable, highly adhesive to most materials (eg stone, ceramic, metal, wood and many plastics, including vinyl) and once set, water, heat and chemical resistant. When hard, modelling putties are like metal and can be sanded and drilled.

Along came Milliput

In the UK Milliput first appeared in 1968 and is still made by the same family run company. It comes as two ‘sticks’ in five grades: Standard (Yellow/Grey), Terracotta, Silver Grey, Black and Superfine White. All are good for modelling; Standard and Silver Grey are the best.

Milliput differs from other putties by being cheaper, it can be thinned with water, and when cured sets very hard and inflexibly making carving and sanding easy. Handling Milliput takes a little getting used to. It can start a little crumbly and over-sticky. If water is used to smooth it, it can all get quite messy. IMHO handcream (I use Atrixo) is far better. Dip the tip of the knife or modelling tool into it frequently, use it to smooth with the finger too. What is needed is patience and plenty of practice at working with it.

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