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Toy Soldier Collector Casting around October 2013
Casting around October 2013

Paul Stocker looks at the latest castings to arrive on the market
Irregular Miniatures
New mounted knights and defensive stakes

Ian Kay has followed up the new Medievals on foot featured last time with two new mounted knights one for the period of the Crusades and one for the Hundred Years War - and a new charging caparisoned horse suitable for either period. The knights will go well with new the foot figures and Ian's new helmets can be used with either figure. Assembly is minimal consisting of fixing helmets, lances and shields into place but reins will need to be added to the horse as these are not supplied. Purists might think the horse isn't yet fully into the charge but it's still a nice horse.

_MG_3643) Crusader knight
_MG_3645) Hundred Year War knight and defensive stakes

Ian has also produced two defensive stakes of the kind used to defend archers and infantry against cavalry attacks at Agincourt. These are bound to be useful but the small individual bases mean they need to be fixed to a larger base to stop them falling over.

The new castings measure 54mm approx. The mounted knights cost £9.50 each and the defensive stakes cost 60p each. Postage: UK 10%, Europe 20%, Rest of the World 20% (Surface) or 30% (Airmail) (40% for scenery). Ian can now accept Paypal but please add 3% or add 5% for conversion charges if not paying in GB £'s. And if you are making payment by cheque, please make them payable to 'Ian Kay'.

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