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Toy Soldier Collector Starlux  Historique du geant Francais de la figurine November 2013
Starlux Historique du geant Francais de la figurine
November 2013
Roughly translated 'Starlux, the history of the French toy soldier giant' is a book written by collector Alain Thomas in conjunction with Alain Mimoun and Phiippe Guilbert. This is the updated/second edition of the book which was released in 2010.

The authors spent many years researching the owners, sculptors, painters and salesmen of Starlux, with Alain personally owning more than 10,000 pages of documentation on the Starlux company. The book is divided into various chapters a key one being 'Starlux before Starlux', which focuses on the company's earliest days when it produced composition style figures called 'les blancs de Meudon' prior to it moving into plastic production for which it became so famous. Further chapters are a detailed inventory of the Far West, Modern armies and the middle ages, all of which were key ranges. The history of Starlux is well illustrated with pictures of the factory, exhibitions and figures.

The book is written in French but is so richly illustrated that you don't have to be fluent to just enjoy the 255 pages full of images. The book can be bought direct from Alain Thomas (alain.thomas@live.be) and the price is 60 plus P&P.

News item by Erwin Goossens


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