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Toy Soldier Collector Taking off ... WWI Fokker D.V11s
Taking off ...
WWI Fokker D.V11s
The latest news from the global toy soldier hobby

You wait all your life for a WWI Fokker D.V11 ... and then four come along at once! In addition to the recently-released D.V11 by John Jenkins Designs (featured later in New Releases), King & Country intend to follow their recent Albratos fighters with the three Fokker D.V11's pictured here.

The aircraft depict the personal mounts of (from left to right) August Raben of Jasta18 (with white raven insignia), Harald Auffarth of Jasta 29 and Josef Jacobs of Jasta 7 whose all-black machine bore the insignia of Boreas, the 'God of the North Wind' in Greek mythology.

As with the K&C Albatros fighters featured last issue, these are also likely to be limited to 150 of each worldwide, will retail at around £200 and will be in the UK early next year. Given the speed that the Albatros sold out you better pre-order now if you want a Fokker in your hanger ...

News item by Rob Hendrie

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