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Toy Soldier Collector Casting around December 2013
Casting around December 2013

Paul Stocker looks at the latest castings to arrive on the market
All The King's Men
Napoleonic French Cuirassiers

Having dealt pretty comprehensively with the troops of the American Civil War, Ken Cliffe has returned to the Napoleonic Wars and released his first set of Napoleonic cavalry. These depict one element of Napoleon's intimidating 'heavies', the armoured Cuirassiers.

By the time of the French Revolutionary War, few European heavy cavalry regiments, except those of Austria, wore the cuirass (breast and back plate) on campaign. Heavy cavalry headdress evolved from tricorne to bicorne hats and then, early in the 19th century, changed to helmets made of hardened leather or iron. Napoleon revived the concept of armoured heavy cavalry with first one, and eventually fourteen, regiments of cuirassiers and two regiments of Carabiniers--Cheval. European nations readopted the cuirass for some of their heavy cavalry in response. The British Household Cavalry regiments only adopted cuirasses as part of their full dress uniforms after the Napoleonic Wars.

Ken's Cuirassiers are cast in metal while their horses and bases are plastic to keep the sets lightweight. The riders are multi-part kits, each consisting of body, head, arms, scabbard, carbine and bedroll. This means that riders can be assembled in a variety of poses.

Each set consists of eight figures, six troopers, an officer and a bugler plus eight horses with bases. The original riders are owned by Stockade Miniatures in their Soldiers of the World range and AKTM are producing them by arrangement with Stockade. The horses are from DSG of Argentina and produced from the old Britains' Deetail molds owned by DSG.

Each unpainted set costs $45 plus postage. Individual riders and horses are available for $10 each. Osprey Books provide a very comprehensive description of the uniforms and equipment of Napoleon's Cuirassiers and Carabiniers in No.64 in their Men at Arms series.

Ken is promising to add an addendum to the AKTM wargame rules for the Napoleonic period to cover such things as mass cavalry charges and massed artillery batteries. The rules are available as a free PDF at: http://allthekingsmentoysoldiers.com/documents/ATKMRules2ndEditionOnline.pdf

For orders up to $50, shipping costs are approximately $8 per set assuming a Continental US customer but shipping rates drop per set according to the size of the order (e.g. $22 for Orders up to $400). Contact Ken about the cost to destinations outside the USA.

All the King's Men Toy Soldiers LLC
2456 Hewatt Rd
GA 30039
Tel: +1 770 978 1645

Nap.French.Cuirasiers.Primed.LowRes1.jpg & Nap.French.Cuirasiers.Primed.LowRes2.jpg) French Cuirassier primed for painting

NapFrenchCuirassiersPaintedLowRes1.jpg & NapFrenchCuirassiersPaintedLowRes2.jpg) French Cuirassiers painted


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