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Toy Soldier Collector Plastic Review January 2014 Fantastic Plastics
Plastic Review January 2014
Fantastic Plastics
Mike Blake reviews the latest plastic figures for collectors
WWII German Fallschirmjagers

A welcome WWII set of figures which are rarely made German 'Paras'. Airfix did a set, and the odd figure appeared in some Forces of Valor sets, but other than that there have only been metal ones, like the excellent Britains ones. Pegasus's previous releases were some WWII Russian Naval Infantry, and they were in hard plastic. This latest set of 10 poses is in brown soft plastic.

Fallschirmjager or Fallschirmjaeger is German for paratroopers. During WWII, together with the Gebirgsjger (Mountain Troops), they were seen as the elite infantry units of the German Wehrmacht. In WWII they were the first paratroopers to be used in large-scale airborne operations. They were dubbed the 'green devils' by the Allied forces they fought, and renowned for their incredibly strong fighting spirit.

The poses are all action ones with a useful variety of weapons; kneeling firing Panzerfaust, kneeling firing Panzersrecke, kneeling firing rifle, standing firing SMG, standing firing LMG from the hip, standing with SMG, advancing with rifle, walking with rifle (smock bottom open), advancing firing SMG and throwing grenade.

All good useful poses, with converting options. For example, two of the advancing figures could be given the anti-tank weapons to carry, so that you have a moving and an in-action version. All wear the camo smack and special helmet, except an officer figure in tunic and peaked cap.

There is a nice dynamic to the poses, especially the kneeling Panzerfaust firer leaning forward, the figure firing the LMG leaning back under the recoil, and the figure running forward firing an SMG.

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Steve Weston Toy Soldiers
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