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Toy Soldier Collector New Releases - Part 1
New Releases - Part 1

Reviews of new metal figures to arrive in the hobby by Martin Ainscough
Yeomanry Miniatures
ACW Series & World at War

As previously mentioned there was such an abundance of new figures released at the December 2013 show that it was impossible to cover them all in one go. Coupled to this the bad weather since Christmas and the problems as a result faced by some cottage makers, Brian Harrison at Yeomanry Miniatures, for example, has had his workshop flooded four times since the turn of the year, it is only now that yours truly has managed to catch up!

Brian had some very interesting figures on show in December and plans for 2014 promise many more. The first new release that made its debut was a Confederate Artillery Officer from the new American Civil War Series and is Part 1 in the set entitled 'Get 'em into action boys!'

Part 2 will feature a 12 pound Napoleon Cannon with four running Artillerymen. Brian is currently working on assembling and painting this part of the set. All will be available as castings, or as painted figures, and in a new departure will come complete with textured surfaces to the bases while retaining the rectangular shape and a small touch of shading for added realism. The cost for the Officer (Part1) is £7.95 (casting) and £16.95 (painted), Part 2 comprising the Cannon and four figures mounted on one base will be priced at £59.95 (casting) and £119.95 (painted).

The second picture shows figures for a completely new set in The World at War Range entitled 'A dismounted action' and depicts dismounted cavalry in action suitable for either the Boer War or the Northwest Frontier period. The photograph shows figures from several parts of this set, for example, Part 1 consists of a kneeling Officer with fallen Trooper (front right of the picture). The pair of figures behind them is part of Part 4 and depicts a trooper carrying his wounded comrade.

The other troopers in the photograph are single figures from the set with the exception of the standing Officer loading his pistol (rear left) which is the Officer for the Maxim Machine Gun (Part 2) which will consists of the Gun, Gunner, Loader, Officer and two kneeling Troopers. Part 3 will consist of the Limber for the Gun with a two horse team and Driver turned in the saddle.

Both Parts 2 and 3 are in the process of being assembled and Brian hopes to have them ready for the March Show. Again they will come with the same experimental textured bases with Brian hoping to extend this type of base for all the 'World at War' figures as they are released. The complete set is complimented by a number of accessories in the shape of a couple of carbines and helmets which are not shown. All of the figures are available both as castings and painted figures. Costs of the various components of the 'A dismounted action' are as follows:-

Single Figures - £7.95 (castings), £13.95 (painted)
Set, Part 1 - £16.95 (castings), £26.95 (painted)
Set, Part 2 - £69.95 (castings), £119.95 (painted)
Set, Part 3 - £49.95 (castings), £79.95 (painted)
Set, Part 4 - £19.95 (castings), £31.95 (painted)


Yeomanry Miniatures
10 Dolphin Lodge
Grand Avenue
West Sussex
BN11 5AL

Tel: 01903 501028
Email: yeomanryminiatures@virginmedia.com


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