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Toy Soldier Collector Casting around - July2014 July 2014
Casting around - July2014
July 2014
Paul Stocker looks at the latest castings to arrive on the market
Asset Miniatures
Papal Swiss Guard

Anne and Colin Randall's latest releases are three figures representing the Papal Swiss Guard (whose more formal title is the Pontifical Swiss Guard of the Holy See). The three marching figures are an officer, a halberdier, each wearing a cuirass, and a drummer.

The Pontifical Swiss Guard has served the popes since the early 16th Century. Up until 1970 they shared ceremonial duties with the Palatine Guard and Noble Guard but took over all such duties when those units were disbanded. Their dress uniform with its distinctly Renaissance appearance was created in 1914 and is coloured blue, red, orange and yellow and worn with a plumed helmet and cuirass. The simpler regular duty uniform consists of an all blue version of the dress uniform worn with a brown belt, white colour and black beret.

The castings are in the familiar elegant Asset style and are very cleanly cast so the fit of parts is good. Assembly consists of fixing heads, arms, swords and the drum in place and is very easy. The figures measure 56mm approx and cost £5 for the officer and halberdier and £5.25 for the drummer. There will be gloss painted versions as soon as possible and these are expected to cost £10 and £10.50. P&P: for the UK and EU add 10%; Rest of the World 15%.Rest of the World 15


Asset Miniatures
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