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Toy Soldier Collector New Releases - Part 2
New Releases - Part 2

Reviews of new metal figures to arrive in the hobby by George Phillips
Tommy Atkins
French and Indian War

The French and Indian War of 17541763 are a popular collecting theme for Toy Soldier Collectors. I believe that much of the appeal lies in the 'mash-up' of colourful 18th century European uniforms and war-painted woodland Indians.

A large number of the leading manufacturers of matt-painted metal figures have dipped their toes into the French and Indian War period and their outputs are regularly reviewed within the pages of this publication.

So it made a change to see some traditional gloss-painted sets on offer from Tommy Atkins. Paul and Mark Turner have produced a series of mounted woodland Indians and some two-figure dioramas that capture the ferocity of the North America conflict in a neat, easily displayable format.
The paint jobs on the mounted figures are vivid and varied and there is a range of poses available at £30 for horse and rider.

I was also impressed by the amount of detail that the Turner brothers have packed into their miniature dioramas and I can see how these will appeal to discerning gloss enthusiasts who are short on space to display their collections. The smaller two-man scenic pieces photographed for this report are £42 each and the larger one featuring a prone marksman and black-painted 'spotter' retails at £48.

Review by George Phillips


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