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Toy Soldier Collector New Releases - Part 1 October 2014
New Releases - Part 1
October 2014
Reviews of new metal figures to arrive in the hobby by Mark Avery
TM Terrain
Pegasus Bridge

Usually the work of David Marshall of TM Terrain gets covered within special scenic articles in this magazine however at the June show David previewed his striking Pegasus Bridge which I thought deserved a review all of its own. The bridge and the part it played in WWII should need no introduction and although one mainstream manufacturer (Figarti) has made a version of it in the past David's, like everything he does, he really a scratch built one off item rather than being 'mass produced.'

When chatting with David at the show he explained the hours and hours of work that went into the research and creation, especially trying to ensure that every detail is historically accurate on the bridge as it was in June 1944 (I'm led to believe some modellers/makers in different scales have got it wrong due to minor alterations to the bridge area post WWII!)

Obviously this is not a scenic item for those of us with a small cabinet, but for those of you out there with your own playrooms I'm sure this might be of interest. As David's work is all custom made then he assured me when we spoke that the price of a Pegasus Bridge can vary depending on exactly what each collector requires, some may want the whole thing, some only a part, not to mention the level of painted finish/style required. So if you're interested in what you see then I'd suggest contacting David and discussing exactly what you'd like.

A final, and interesting, thing to note is the railings around the bridge, it may be hard to spot in our photos but these are actually all made from wood. Not that unusual I hear you say for scenic items but if you look closely you'll see how uniform they are and that's because David has these all laser cut to ensure every single one is identical, a very nice touch in my opinion.

Review by Mark Avery


TM Terrain
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