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Toy Soldier Collector Errol John Studios Part 2
Errol John Studios Part 2

An overview of Errol John Studios Undressed Uniform Range

As promised in issue 34, the second instalment of my series that features the figures produced by Errol Pace under the Errol John Studios banner will look at the Undressed Uniform range. The thinking behind this series of figures was to offer an opportunity to the collector to acquire figures that depicted officers and their men in casual poses and unusual orders of dress and uniforms that had not been commercially produced or seen before.

Referred to as the 'Order of Dress' range in the Errol John Catalogue, to make it less confusing for the prospective customer, Errol is quick to point out that he is the only manufacturer to offer such figures for sale with this level of detail. They are unique and have never before been made available in a traditional gloss finish. Errol has been kind enough to send me some painted examples of this range and I too have been struck by the superb attention to detail on the painted figures. This is due for the most part to the wonderful original master sculpts created by the late Bob Rowe. All of the figures in this range up to and including UD 36 were the work of Bob while later figures in the series have been sculpted by a number of different master sculptors, including Errol himself.

In addition to the British Army Undressed range, Errol also carries an equally extensive and impressive range of figures that depict the many Yeomanry and Volunteer Forces that existed in the late 1800s and early 1900s. The various regiments of the British Yeomanry and Volunteers have continuously provided inspiration for figure makers, as well as collectors, to create a wonderful figures and displays based around the varied uniforms. It should therefore not come as too much of a surprise to learn that Errol is able to offer the discerning collector a colourful portrayal of officers and other ranks in their various uniforms/attires.

As I've already mentioned the level of detail that has been captured on such a small scale is truly remarkable, I was equally impressed with the very lifelike and natural poses that have also been achieved with this range of figures.

Pictured here are examples of both the British Army and Yeomanry and Volunteer regiments in all their undressed glory! This though is only a very small selection of the total figures available in the range. As you will hopefully gather from the photographs, Errol is able to supply most, if not all, of the Hussar regiments with their subtle changes in uniforms. I thought that the Musician of the 21st Lancers was a particularly nice example of the range in question with the symbols that denote his profession being easily recognisable and to the fore on the sleeves of his tunic. This figure also compliments the Sergeant, again of the 21st Lancers, with the two figures displaying well together. Again the group of individual officers from the various Hussars regiments accompanied by a colleague from the 12th Lancers make for an excellent display group and show Errol's painting skills and eye for detail as the slight changes to individual uniforms is accurately captured even down to the piping on the hats!

So if there is a particular figure that you need to fill a gap, or again that elusive pose or slight variation that you can't find anywhere else, then contact Errol who I am sure will be only to happy to try and satisfy your requirements

The next time I dip into the Errol John range I will tale a closer look at the Indian Army figures that they produce with special attention being paid to the mounted cavalry figures which are available and just so happen to be my personal favourites!

Date Published Tue, 11/23/2010 - 20:32
Author: Martin Ainscough

Errol John Studios
3 Field Avenue
Tydd St.Giles
PE13 5LJ


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